About Us

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions is a Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation, that has revolutionised the model of stray animal adoptions. Apart from adoptions, the NGO also conducts rescues and sterilisations of the stray animal population.

Our Story

Our Story

It all started off with a single rescued puppy that needed to be homed.

A page was created on Facebook for the little puppy's adoption, and surprisingly, before we knew it, the page members were in the thousands and the rescued animals gradually reached hundreds. Eventually, we started getting calls from animals that needed rescuing, and we started putting them up for adoption. The community grew stronger as more and more animal lovers came together to support the cause and more people started opening their hearts and homes to the street animals.

On the 17th of January 2010 World For All Animal Care & Adoptions was formally inaugurated as an animal welfare NGO.

Our Vision

"One day every stray animal in India will be treated with love, dignity and compassion and will find a place in our homes, hearts and lives."

About Us

We are happy to say that the organization, with the dedication and constant effort of a lot of people, has successfully cared for and helped thousands of animals in need, helping them lead the better lives that they deserve. All of these animals, paralyzed kittens and dogs who are now walking again, puppies and dogs found in heartbreaking conditions, are now all living healthy lives, thanks to the dedication and love shared by the amazing people, who are here to help these beautiful animals. None of this would have been possible without them.

The organization is an endeavor to see every element of nature coming together to form a very simple coexistence. As the very first cause, and one that is closest to our heart, we started out with ‘animals’. Life forms that are needy, and deserving of help and support. We feel that everyone must think in the direction of universal love and mutual respect. It is this, that we aim to inculcate in every mind in our country, and of course, hopefully followed by the world, A World For All.

We believe that as a more able and powerful species, and in keeping with the thought of ‘peace on earth and goodwill to living kind’, we must nurture those that require help and assistances to survival. We invite and encourage interested people to join this endeavor.

Our current and primarily activity is to home needy strays. We rescue orphaned and injured puppies and kittens, often in the infant stage, and work hard in nursing them to health with veterinary assistance, so as to get them adopted into loving and caring homes, and give them the kind of life they should be enjoying in the first place. We have so far resorted to a database of foster homes where we temporarily home our animals till we can find them ideal homes. We prefer foster homes to a shelter system, as more individual attention is given to the animal when a family looks it after, than if it was to be amongst forty others in a shelter that is supervised by one or two people. However, animals are normally born in litters of 5 to 6, resulting in the number of animals inevitably exceeding the number of available foster homes. We also often get calls past midnight about animals in distress and find it challenging to contact people at odd hours to home the animal.

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These are a few reasons why World For All is looking out for a private foster home where we can nurse, nurture, medicate, vaccinate and groom our animals before they are adopted. This will also speed up the process of adoption, as adopters may come to a place and make their pick or choose their pet, as they are all under one roof.

We do not settle for anything less than the best when it comes to homing our animals. Proposed homes are interviewed and made to fill an Adoption Trust Deed. Rigorous background research is done before handing over a pet and home visits are conducted thereafter to make sure the pet is being looked after.

We encourage the adoption of our Indian breeds - around 90% of the animals we home are pariahs of the street. We believe that Indian dogs have better immunity, longer life spans, better digestive systems, are easier to maintain, extremely affectionate and easy to train. We are constantly working towards educating people about the advantages of adopting Indian breeds, rather than buying a pedigree. We are strictly against buying and selling of pets, as we believe that one does not have the right to put a price tag on a life. We also help home abandoned breed dogs, cats and other needy animals that have been subject to abuse and deserve to be in loving homes. We home animals off the street, from shelters (such as IDA, Ahimsa and Mika) and also from abusive homes.

We also conduct sterilization drives for animal birth control and aid in several rescue cases of victimized and wounded animals and birds.

We raise funds for our activities through nominal donations and sales of calendars, T-shirts and other merchandise. We require all the assistance we can get at this stage and would be forever grateful if you would consider our cause and support it. It would definitely mean acceleration in our services towards our speechless friends.